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Meeting with PromaxBDA in Moscow

09 Feb 2018

On 9 February in Moscow the negotiations about partnership between MediaBrand and PromaxBDA Europe were held in a friendly and warm atmosphere. Among negotiators were Lester Mordue – European Director of Conference and Relations, PromaxBDA, Oleg Troyanovsky – a member of a Conference committee European Promax, the Foreign Ministry of MediaBrand, Regina Yurkina – General Director of Mediabrand. It’s been agreed to maintain friendly relationships and cooperate. Among other things, it is expected that Lester will make a speech at the 10th Conference and that the help with the involvement and work of international jury based on the PromaxBDA’s principles at the MediaBrand contest will be received. Next round of negotiations about the future partnership is set to start on 11 June in New York during PromaxBDA conference.