Promo video of the reality show "7 dzhigits"

The main goals of the reality show "7 dzhigits" ("7 heroes") are the preservation and promotion of cultural traditions, folk crafts, as well as fostering love for their native land and language among young people. The uniqueness of the project is that the participants, while competing with each other, learn various types of folk crafts. Heroes learn the basics of carpentry, beekeeping, horse breeding, blacksmithing, tanning, birch bark crafts, learn how to do felted boots, make musical instruments, and compete in archery. In addition, children undergo a real school of life, tests for endurance, efficiency, and determination. The best of the best participants in the reality show becomes the owner of the main prize of the project - a horse of the Bashkir breed. The broadcasting language is Bashkir. The marketing task of the promo video is to inform about the start of the new season of the reality show "7 Dzhigits", to attract the attention of a potential audience, to promote folk crafts, to raise male authority in society, to patriotically educate the younger generation.


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