Bridge of spies

‘Bridge of spies’ is a programme, which design could absolutely exist as a standalone product with its individual storyline, style, characters, with its own universe. A comics or an animated film, for example. Its name gives the beginning, where a simple and clear play on the meanings implies. The programme tells about people of the same occupation from different countries who exchange their workspaces for a while. A spy story without spies. Thus, we have decided to add them to the frame. There was no any budget planned for filming, so the spies in the frame are the designer and the co-director. A simple draft in the beginning, it has been detailed having got additional timing and grown to an interface style with a set of posters as a bonus made just for fun, not by the order of the customer. The very same feeling when the realizer was so eager about the project that he just was not able and did not want to stop.


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