Soulkillers | Video promo campaign

“Soulkillers” is a period detective story, based on real events of the “Vitebsk strangler” – Gennadiy Mihasevich. His name takes the third place in the list of the most cruel Soviet killers – after Andrei Chikatilo and Anatoliy Onoprienko. The series are told from the perspective of those, who were involved in capturing the murderer: the corrupt investigator Mikhail Shakhnovich (Alexander Samoilenko) and the operative Leonid Ipatiev (Sergey Marin). Soukillers came out after a string of other projects about Soviet murderers, and therefore, in order to not focus on the maniac himself, the promo campaign addressed three main story lines: 1) strangler’s victims; 2) the fight against the system within the prosecutor’s office, which falsely accused 14 people; 3) Ipatiev’s personal drama, who is trying to get to the bottom of the truth. In addition to the traditional marketing strategies – trailers and teasers, we also did several interviews with the actor Sergey Marin, in which we have used footage from the documentary to compare the protagonist in the series to his real-life prototype.


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