‘The Fatherland’ is a screen version of the novel of the same name written by Alexander Terekhov. The book won the 2012 National Bestseller Prize and was a finalist for the Big Book and the Russian Booker awards. At the center of the action-packed drama ‘The Fatherland’ is an honest journalist and writer, whose views have always been too oppositional for the newspaper and the city in which he lives. Amid the loss of his job, mortgage debts and problems with his daughter, he decides to come over to the side that he always fought with, but where lots of money is paid. The purpose of the video was to show how the boundaries between good and evil, truth and lies are erased, to shock the viewer, to go almost on the edge, to emphasize the drama of the series, an exciting plot, a successful cast of relatively unknown actors and their excellent acting.


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