APKiT 2021 Award Ceremony

The IX Award Ceremony of the Association of Film and Television Producers was broadcasted internationally on Channel 5. To organize this event, the Marketing Directorate of Channel 5 developed a unique concept of a detective investigation, in which the "leaders of the production clans" gathered in one place unarmed to find out which of them is the best of the best in the world of the domestic film business. 
The decorations of the ceremony were designed to match the concept: the "detective" location of the presenters, a massive safe serving as a gold storage with precious statues for the winners, and a spacious production hall with big windows, behind which were located the virtual decorations of the Unreal Engine. The broadcast design also corresponded with the idea of ​​a noir detective story of the 30s: it included three-dimensional opening credits where the image of a safe was created, a pistol cylinder and a movie reel. It was filled with various elements of filmmaking, live graphic backgrounds for nominations, virtual windows for each participant of the online ceremony and much more.


is this an internet program??

August 29, 2021 16:46