Mission: Impossible. Where is Tom?

The aim is to promote the Mission: Impossible film series on Premialnoye channel. Our team decided to emphasize the elusiveness of the main character, played by Tom Cruise, and his dynamic lifestyle by using the multi-screen, text with play on words and text similar to a poem by Daniil Kharms which gets lost in translation. A wordplay is used in this promo, which is difficult to translate. You can hear the "тom" letter combination multiple times - in Russian, "том" is a pronoun, which spells and sounds exactly like the name of the actor. It has different meanings in different context, such as «in it», «in him», «inside», «within», «this», «that». Since in this film series Tom Cruise often hides his face under the masks of other people, we invited the viewer to try to guess in which of the heroes Tom is staying now.


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