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Nominations are divided into 2 large categories: on-air and off-the-air. As well as there is a separate part – special nominations and special prizes. There are on-air and off-the-air promotion, on-air design. There are separate nominations for cable and regional TV in the special nominations' block as well as nominations for the best direction, sound, editing etc.

Every year on the meetings of the Organizing Committee we consider your opinion and the results of the last awards and make changes in the list of nominations. This year many new nominations appeared. Please, pay your attentions to changes. We wish you good luck.

Submission of works ends on the 1st  of Augest  2020.

nominations list


The works submitted for the competition are evaluated in two stages.

First stage

The work of the Grand Jury, consisting of working professionals working on the channels, in the production companies engaged in freelancing.

The short list is formed on the basis of the votes of the Grand Jury.

Organizers will monitor compliance with the balance of power in order to avoid lobbying for anyone's interests. The process of assessing the work is on-line.


Second stage

Work of the Expert Jury.

They evaluate the shortlist in each nomination. Consists of well-known international experts in the field of television promo and design and Russian recognized professionals in the field of PR, design, film and advertising.

Evaluation of work is on-line.

grand jury

Technical requirements

All entries must strictly comply with technical requirements


mp4, resolution 1280 × 720, video codec H.264, audio codec AAC, up to 100Mb




pdf, no more than 2 MB


jpg, no more than 2 MB

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